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Thursday, September 18, 2008

President You Know Who's Pathetic Claim to Glory

2008 Sep. 18

Letters to the Editor

re: "They dare not speak his name" by Rick Berg, 20080 Sep. 12

Those Republicans! Always looking for glory where none is warranted.

Tommy Thompson redefined welfare-eligibility requirements, then claimed that the 90% drop in AFDC families meant he'd damn near eradicated poverty in the Badger State.

Ronald Reagan happened to be president when Mikhail Gorbachev dismantled the Soviet Union, so naturally the GOP has been having wet dreams ever since about how Reagan conquered the Evil Empire.

I bet that roosters are Republicans, too, because they're quick to take credit every time the Sun comes up.

The latest in this long parade of misplaced accolades was visited upon "President You Know Who" by the GOP's designated apologist, Rick Berg. He points out that we've now gone 7 years without a terrorist attack like the one of 2001 Sep. 11, and he gives credit for that to the guy who happens to be sitting in the White House.

It evidently has escaped his attention that, terrorist-attack-wise, the 7 years SINCE 2001 have been pretty much like the 225 BEFORE it. Terrorism is a very rare thing. Always has been. Your chances of dying from a terrorist attack are minimal, less than half of slipping in the bathtub or falling off a ladder. For details, I've assembled the data here:

No, credit for keeping us safe from terrorist hijackings should go to the people — ordinary American citizens, one and all — of United 93. Until that awful day, the conventional wisdom for hijacked passengers was to sit tight, keep calm, and wait for the plane to land and your government to ransom you back.

But we ordinary citizens are fast learners. Before noon on 9/11, we'd already served notice to the terrorists: New game! Forget our government. Pay no attention to the president. You wanna mess with us, you answer to the PEOPLE! Right now! No waiting. No bureaucracy. No need to stand in line without your shoes.

That attitude has done more to stop the terrorists than another million lies and trillion dollars from the bloodthirsty, war-mongering "President You Know Who" could ever accomplish.

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FDR: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
GWB: The only thing WE have to fear is that YOU aren't afraid enuf!


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