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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Adieu, "For Better or for Worse"

I've been reading the funny papers for nigh onto 6 decades now and have seen a whole lot of different strips and panels come and go, from "Our Boarding House" with Major Hoople to "The Katzenjammer Kids" to "Gasoline Alley" to "Alley Oop" to "Peanuts" to the incomparable Hal Foster "Prince Valiant"s to "Doonesbury" to the logophile's fave "Frank and Ernest" to "Steve Canyon" to "Priscilla's Pop" to "Mark Trail" to "Girl Genius" to "Calvin and Hobbes", and on and on.

So I speak with some standards of comparison at my beck and call when I say that, for my money, the best of them all has been Lynn Johnston's "For Better or for Worse", in which we follow 3 generations of the Patterson family of Canada thru life's everyday ups and downs. Unlike most strips, the Pattersons age in real time, so we see them thru all the stages of life, including death.

And now we have evidently reached the death of the strip itself. This is what appears to be the final one:

Adieu, FBorFW. You were so gentle, so kind, so sweet, so lovely, so human. Gone but not forgotten.

And thank you, Lynn Johnston, for letting the rest of us grow up along with the wonderful family of your imagination.


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