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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Forbidden Words

Recently one of my Yahoo groups bounced an e-mail from me because its subject line consisted of the forbidden word "Photos". Yahoo had identified this horrifying word as a likely subject line on a message containing a virus, even tho my own message had 2 short text paragraphs and no attachments and came from a Mac.

Curious to see just how extensively Yahoo is checking for subject lines even more suspicious than "Photos", I ran a little experiment to see what else might set them off. FYI, messages with the following subject lines all went thru just fine:
 • This Is Spam
 • Pornography Attached
 • Biggus Dickus [apologies to Monty Python]
 • Nigerian Money Laundering Scam
 • PEN IS mightier than sword
 • Malicious Virus Enclosed

But at least we're safe from "Photos".


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