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Thursday, March 27, 2008

What Democrats Want

Well, it seems only fair that, since I just posted a survey from the Republican National Congressional Committee (RNCC) under the heading “What Republicans Want”, I should follow up with the one I got yesterday from the Democratic National Committee (DNC). These 2 organizations are not exactly counterparts of each other. The RNCC is focussed particularly on elected GOP candidates to the US House of Representatives, while the DNC’s remit is broader. It’s dedicated to electing Democrats at all levels, but particularly, in this year divisible by 4, to the US presidency.

I’ve gotta say (tho it’s possible I’m biased) that the Dems’ survey seems a lot more like what I’d expect from an independent polling organization, objectively devoted to finding out what people really think. It’s entirely possible that the DNC really DOES tally these results and use them for broad guidance.

At bottom, of course, it’s still mainly a fund-raising gimmick.

The RNCC survey gave me exactly 3 options for each question: “Yes”, “No”, and “Undecided”. The DNC survey wasn’t quite so simplistic, offering instead a range of choices tailored to the specifics of each question. Therefore, I show below not only the questions but the options under each one.

1. Age

[ ] 18-30 [ ] 31-40 [ ] 41-50 [ ] 51-64 [ ] 65 and over

2. How often do you vote for Democratic candidates?

[ ] Always [ ] Most of the time [ ] Rarely [ ] Never

3. How likely are you to vote in the 2008 elections?

[ ] Very likely [ ] Somewhat likely [ ] Not likely

4. Have you participated in any of the following campaign activities?

[ ] Volunteering time at a local campaign or party headquarters.
[ ] Making phone calls from a phone bank.
[ ] Organizing an event or fundraiser in my home or community.
[ ] Going door-to-door in my neighborhood.

5. How closely have you been following the 2008 presidential campaign?

[ ] Very closely [ ] Closely [ ] Somewhat closely [ ] Not at all

6. How optimistic are you that a Democrat will win the White House in 2008?

[ ] Very optimistic [ ] Optimistic [ ] Not very optimistic [ ] Not at all

7. Do you believe that John McCain’s pledge to keep troops in Iraq for another 100 years will be a liability in the General Election?

[ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Unsure

8. Which issues would you like the Democratic presidential nominee to focus on in the campaign? Please rank the following issues from 1 to 14 based on their importance to you, with “1” being the most important.

___ Education
___ Environment
___ Health care
___ Civil rights/liberties
___ Immigration
___ Social Security
___ Ethics in governmenet
___ Reproductive rights
___ Homeland security
___ Stem-cell research
___ Iraq
___ Taxes
___ Energy policy
___ Jobs/economy

9. Thinking about our Party’s plan for the 2008 campaigns, which of the following strategies do you think is the key to electing more Democrats in November?

[ ] Investing in grassroots efforts like canvassing and get-out-the-vote drives.
[ ] Devoting more resources to radio and television ads that reach the most voters.
[ ] Ensuring a fair election process so that every vote counts.
[ ] Democrats need to invest in all of the above strategies to win in November.

10. With our 50 State Strategy, the DNC has been strengthening our Party in states that have traditionally been GOP strongholds. What is your opinion of this strategy?

[ ] I support it. Our Party needs to compete in eveyr part of the country and make the Republicans spend campaign money in states they have taken for granted.
[ ] I oppose it. Our Party should focus its resources in those states where we have the best chance to win, and not waste money in solidly Republican states.

11. How likely do you think it is that John McCain and his Republican allies will launch a “Swift Boat” style smear campaign against our presidential nominee?

[ ] Very likely [ ] Somewhat likely [ ] Not likely

12. How concerned are you that Republican voter suppression schemes will disenfranchise Democrats and impact the outcome of the presidential race?

[ ] Very concerned [ ] Somewhat concerned [ ] Not concerned

13. What is your main source of news and information about the presidential campaign and the 2008 elections?

[ ] Television [ ] Newspapers [ ] Talk radio [ ] Internet/blogs [ ] Newsmagazines [ ] Other _______

[Aside from Richard: I half expected to see a separate category for “The Daily Show”.]

14. Do you think mainstream news organizations are biased in favor of Democrats, biased in favor of Republicans, or do you think news organizations have been fair in the way they have covered the presidential election?

[ ] Biased in favor of Democrats
[ ] Biased in favor of Republicans
[ ] No bias in favor of either party
[ ] No opinion/not sure

15. If you could offer one piece of advice to the Democratic presidential nominee, what would it be? Please use the space below to write your comments.

16. To help our Party win the White House and score victories up and down the ballot in 2008, will you join the DNC as a contributing member today?

[ ] Yes — go to next question [ ] No

17. If you answered “Yes” to question 16, please indicate the membership level at which you will join the DNC today.

[ ] $25 [ ] $35 [ ] $50 [ ] $100 [ ] Other $____


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