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Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Bowl Commercials

Hey, a pretty good football game broke out among the Super Bowl commercials. Whoda guessed?

Of course, we Monday-morning quarterbacks with no football skills are now having a field day analyzing the ads. I find myself largely in agreement with Time's James Poniewozik (, except that I was fonder than he was of the salamanders dancing to "Thriller" (I'm a sucker for dancing.) and the movie Jumper (I loved the book.).

Incidentally, the above link lets you page thru the entire collection of commercials and play a YouTube video for each one you want to relive.

Nothing approached the all-time champ, Apple's "1984", voted by Advertising Age as the very best TV commercial ever, anywhere, for anything.

Nothing was even as good as the FedEx one from a couple years ago that just featured 30 seconds of color bars with a voiceover lamenting how good the commercial WOULD have been if they'd just gotten it to the broadcast center on time.

For some reason, cats seem to ring a chime for me. Another one I liked from a few years ago was the "Don't judge too quickly" bit about the guy preparing supper for his girlfriend when the Persian cat jumps into the marinara sauce while he’s holding the butcher knife. (I think I've still got that one on videotape around here somewhere.)

And, of course, I liked the "herding cats" one, too, but it suffered a fatal flaw: I still have no recollection of what it was supposed to get us to spend money on.

And my fave from this year was the lead-off hitter, where Bud Light lets you breathe fire, something that turns out not to be such a hot idea when you're allergic to cats.

Kind of an off year for the commercials, I thot. Good thing there was that other stuff to keep us entertained.


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