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Monday, April 04, 2011

Which Fanatics Deserve Our Sympathy and Support?

As a bibliophile, I cringe when I think of people burning books. But I also think that you should be able to dispose of your own personal property (including books) any way you want (including burning) without having to answer to religious fanatics for it.

Recently some fundie Xian minister in Florida burned a Koran, which set off fundie Muslims in Afghanistan. They went on to kill actual human beings and destroy other people's property to show how upset they were. The same thing happened a couple of years back when Danish cartoonists "dared" to depict the prophet Mohammed, as was their perfect right in a free society.

Kowtowing to these fanatics, officials of the US military have condemned the free speech of the American pastor.

To me, this is just capitulation to terrorists. Why should Americans be browbeaten into self-censorship just because somebody halfway around the world is crazy, murderous, and destructive? And why does the US military side with the murdering bullies?

Blasphemy continues to be a victimless crime.

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