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Monday, August 31, 2009

Benefits of Socialism

2009 Aug. 31

Letters to the Editor
The Capital Times

Brendan Connelly writes ( that he’s working his “butt off every day to provide … the essentials of life [for himself and his 4 kids] as I realize that health care is not a right of birth”. He wants to “obliterate the silly notion of socialized health care”.

Brendan, I don’t have any kids of my own, but I gladly pay taxes so that yours can have the benefit of socialized schools, libraries, clean water, reliable sewerage, streets and sidewalks, police and fire protection, garbage and snow removal, and so on. What happens to your kids, Brendan, if you’re hurt on the job and can’t work any more? What if you succumb to a heart attack because you’ve been working your butt off? Suppose you contract hepatitis; can you come up with 80 grand a year for dialysis, or will your kids have to watch you turn yellow and die?

Well, for the most part, nothing will happen to your kids, because we, your nabors, will still be taking care of them. Except for one thing: their health. Don’t you think it’s kind of odd that their health matters more to me than it does to you — that I’M still willing to look out for them, even if you can’t?

That’s all that socialism is, Brendan, nabors looking out for each other in an organized, efficient manner. Sure, health care wasn’t a “right of birth” for Thomas Jefferson’s kids, but neither were schools or sanitation; the reason that they’re universally available today is because citizens like you and me insisted that our government MAKE them rights, so our kids would have a better world to live in than we did.

The technical term for this is “progress”. The technical term for the result is “civilization”.

Oh, and that dialysis? The government socialized it. It’s rationed. But not the way you may be thinking. It’s rationed upwards, so that EVERYBODY can get it. Thanks, nabors!


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