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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bridge to Terabithia on ABC Family Tonight

The last theatrical film I saw via TV was Cabaret, about a quarter century ago. During the many frequent commercial interruptions, my friend Diane (who had already seen the movie in a real theater) would fill me in on all the material that had been hacked out to make it suitable for an audience that was apparently expecting pablum. It was a desecration, and I was so completely disgusted with their butchery that I swore off movies on TV. (I would occasionally make a tiny exception for a movie that was MADE for TV, since they could plan around the commercial breaks and tailor the pacing, language, violence level, etc. for the LCD standards of the medium.)

I mention this because I personally will not be watching tonight when ABC Family (Madison Cable Channel 49) shows Bridge to Terabithia at 8:00 Central time. But you may want to.

IMHO, Bridge to Terabithia was the best SF&F film of 2007. I rated it a 9 and awarded it the Buzzy. I blogged about it twice:

The film, based on the novel by Katherine Paterson, stars Josh Hutcherson and AnnaSophia Robb as 2 appealing young people who, if they were only aware of SF fandom, would have instantly identified themselves as fans. As it is, they're bright and creative in a milieu that doesn't much cotton to that kind of foolishness. And they're heart-achingly lonely until they find each other.

The movie was produced by Walden Media and released thru Disney, so it was festooned with the "family-friendly" air that adults frequently dismiss as meaning "only for kids". This is sooooooo wrong!

Since you can't see it in theaters any more, your best bet is definitely to watch it on DVD. But, if for whatever reason you're just not gonna do that, then it can be delivered free to your living room tonight.


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