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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Other Tournament

Isthmus Letters
101 King St.
Madison WI 53703

2009 Mar. 18


That's the only word that describes my reaction to Jason Joyce's article "Psst ... Wanna See Some Prep Hoops?" in your March 13 issue. In a publication that bills itself as Madison's weekly newspaper, Joyce was touting sectional games in the state boys' high-school basketball tournament as far away as Milwaukee, Oshkosh, and Green Bay. Only the fleeting appearance of the adjective "boys" suggested that there might be a different kind of tournament.

And indeed there was! Not 3 miles away from Isthmus World Headquarters, there was a dandy occurring at the Dane County Coliseum (known to corporatists as the Alliant Energy Center), featuring *gasp* girls. I suppose it was easy to overlook in spite of its proximity and low ticket price ($8 per game), since it only involved, y'know, girls and was, after all, only for the state championship.

Sure, there's no way that Joyce could have known in advance that it would turn out to be the best girls'  tournament in the 25+ years I've been attending them. The bare statistic of the championship games in the 4 divisions being decided by a grand total of only 10 points doesn't even hint at the terrific games leading up to Saturday's finales. Too bad your readers didn't get any hints, either, like some clue from Isthmus that the event was happening.

I find it almost beyond belief that, 37 years after the adoption of Title IX and a third of a century into the girls' tournament, they still can't get any respect in the state's capital city.

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