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Monday, January 19, 2009

Help Define "Saddlebacking"

Seattle-based sex-advice columnist Dan Savage (the guy who popularized the sexual connotations for the terms "pegging" and "santorum") is looking for OUR help to define the term "saddlebacking".

You will recall that odious anti-gay fundamentalist Rev. Rick Warren is pastor of the megachurch Saddleback Church and author of the best-selling anti-intellectual book The Purpose-Driven Life. He's also a featured preacher at the Obama inauguration.

Some of Savage's readers, looking for an appropriate way to protest Warren's presence at what SHOULD be a purely secular event (to say nothing of one that should be a paragon of anti-discriminatory sentiment), wondered whether Savage could do the same noun-to-verb trick for "saddleback" that he'd already pulled off twice previously. Savage agreed to give it a shot and invited readers to send in proposed definitions. He's narrowed it down to 7 finalists and is asking people all across America to cast their votes at

Read the column here and do what you think best.

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