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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Med Drop Went Smoothly

Throwing unused medications into our landfills — or, worse, flushing them down the toilet into our rivers and lakes — is a bad idea, for what I hope are obvious reasons.

Med Drop is doing something about it. Today it held its 2nd collection, and this is a quick report on how smoothly my experience with it went.

Appropriately, Med Drop was held at a facility of the City of Madison Water Utility, the transfer station at 121 W. Olin Av. This is a well traveled street, making access convenient. The entrance to the station was well marked with an eye-level “Med Drop” banner. A smiling guy in a Med Drop T-shirt was standing just inside the gate to point me in the correct direction.

The cars were split into 2 lines, guided by orange safety cones. Altho I arrived near the end of the 9 AM to 1 PM event, there were 6-8 cars ahead of me. But they weren’t there for long, as the lines moved briskly.

Another smiling person in a Med Drop T-shirt, this time a young woman holding a clipboard, approached my driver’s side window as I got into the #2 position in line — They were processing several cars at a time. — and asked if I had any “sharps” (needles, blades, etc.). I said no, that all I had were these pills in this bag right here. So she took those, handed them to another worker behind her, asked me a couple of quick questions (zip code, was location convenient, how did you hear about the event), and handed me back my empty bag.

They did NOT ask for my name, probably due to this policy, quoted from their website: “Illegal drugs will be taken, no questions asked. They will be turned over to proper authorities immediately for proper disposal.”

Zip, zap, zop, in and out in under 3 minutes, never left my car.

MedDrop is sponsored by The Madison Patient Safety Collaborative, comprising various hospitals and health-care providers in the Madison area, in cooperation with a variety of governmental units and pharmacy societies.

They will be holding their next collection in October. Info about this (and recycling in general) is available at the city's website. They ask that you keep the meds in their original containers and NOT obscure the drug name, dosage, etc. info.

I understand that other localities are organizing their own equivalent programs in an effort to protect our water supply and wildlife.

I’m delighted to be able to support this worthy effort and encourage others to do so as well.


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