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Saturday, November 02, 2013

My Offensive Trash Bins

To: Marsha Rauls
Building Inspector
City of Madison

Dear Inspector Rauls:

I am in receipt of your official notice about my trash and recycling bins being stored in the front of my house. Indeed they are, and have been since I received them X years ago. This last summer I went to considerable effort and expense to install a nice patio — colored patriotically in Badger cardinal and white — for them to hang out on. As you can see from the attached photos, the bins are both unobtrusive and conveniently located.

If you look closely, you can also see a trail of elegantly rustic flagstones leading from the front of my house toward my back yard. That is my sole means of access to the rear of the house. At 69 years of age, I am not prepared to go hauling 2 trash bins over that kind of rugged surface, especially thru several feet of snow, 52 times a year, nor to have to make the same trek every time I need to empty a trash can or recycling basket from inside the house. The recycling bins are right exactly where I want them and where they should be for ease of use and brevity of hauling.

I see that you have given me until November 10 to correct this violation or pay a fine of $75. This is your official notice that you don't have to wait until the 10th. I'm not gonna do it, and I think that it's idiotic that anyone would expect me to.

I realize that you are just doing your job and aren't responsible for the stupid ordinance you're being expected to enforce, so I am forwarding a copy of this message to my alder, Shiva Bidar-Sielaff, and to George Dreckmann, the city's recyclilng director, who has always seemed to me like a practical kind of guy who can probably understand why citizens wouldn't want unnecessary obstacles placed in the path of their recycling efforts.




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