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Monday, August 27, 2007

So Long, Gonzo!

And good riddance.

OK, so he gets out of impeachment. We could only impeach him when he was still holding office, because the only effect of impeachment is removal from office.

But now we can indict him!

And the inner circle at the White House grows even tighter. Infamously the most closed and secretive administration in history, there used to be only a dozen real decision-makers at its height, but Karen Hughes, Andrew Card, Donald Rumsfeld, Scooter Libby, Harriet Miers, Karl Rove, and now Alberto Gonzalez have done the "rats off a sinking ship" trick, and the inner cabal is down to a mere handful.

I reiterate my previous point: We outnumber these guys! We can designate a couple of dozen members of the US House of Representatives as our attack dogs. They get to spend the next 17 months coming up with new and interesting ways of keeping the BushCo Crime Family tied up in procedural knots — with hearings, depositions, subpoenas, discovery motions, testimony, and endless endless endless planning sessions on "What do we do next to respond to today's demands on our time?".

We can take up their every waking moment and many of their sleeping ones with one overriding, inescapable, all-consuming subject: impeachment! We can fix it so they can't unzip their flies without having impeachment running thru their heads. And we can do it with only a fraction of our troops, while the rest of the responsible members of Congress go about the adult business of government.

And if, by 2009 January 19, we still haven't come up with an actual bill of impeachment, we can always say "Too bad. So sorry. We're done with you now. Please go away. Oh, and you might wanna avoid The Hague.". In the meantime, we'll have kept them from coming up with any new mischief, because they'll have been too damn busy to think of any.

I've heard it said that defense wins championships. Screw that. Let's go on offense. I want Bush, Cheney, et alii to be as nervous and unable to concentrate as a Michael Vick pit bull -- and for much the same reason.

Do I smell blood in the water? You bet. Don't you? Chow time!


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