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Sunday, July 15, 2007

I've Had It with AT&T

Recently AT&T used an astroturf (fake grass-roots) advocacy group plus lots of big bux plus outright deceit to try to buy enuf influence with the Wisconsin Legislature to ram thru a bill that would effectively give them a statewide monopoly over hitherto local cable-TV franchises. Among other things, this would threaten public-, educational-, and governmental-acccess channels. They tried to claim, of course, that it would enhance competition and thereby drive down cable rates. Experience in other states where they've succeeded with the same tactic says otherwise.

This was the final straw for me. I've remained an AT&T long-distance customer out of a sense of family loyalty, because they used to employ my sister, but this finally did it.

I've just finished switching my long-distance service over to Working Assets, which uses a small percentage of my long-distance charges as a contribution to various socially responsible causes, such as the ACLU.

I encourage other AT&T customers who are pissed off at their heavy-handed monopolistic tactics to do likewise.


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