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Friday, July 06, 2007

Impeachment's Hidden Virtue

2007 July 7

Voice of the People
The Capital Times
PO Box 8060
Madison WI 53708-8060

The Democrats who control Congress have expressed reluctance to impeach George “If I Only Had a Brain” Bush and Dick “If I Only Had a Heart” Cheney on the grounds that somebody needs to be the adult. The Dems want to focus on the positive, to tend to the nation’s real business: health care, education, the environment, decent wages, tainted food, occupational safety, and all the other things that affect real people’s lives every day. They don’t want to be distracted by impeachment proceedings.

The unspoken assumption is that they can’t do both. That’s wrong. There are 435 members of Congress, more than enuf to keep the wheels turning while a small number of them hone in like pit bulls on impeachment.

On the other hand, the White House is vastly outnumbered. Infamously the most secretive administration in history, the Bushies are a closed (one might even say “closeted”), top-down bunch. There’s probably no more than half a dozen people in the inner circle.

And we can keep them — yes, all of them — tied up with subpoenas, testimony, discovery motions, depositions, lawyer consultations, hearings, press conferences, and arguments until January 2009. I want to consume their every waking moment and most of their sleeping ones. I want them thinking about and dealing with nothing but impeachment for the next 18 months. I want them to look at their scrambled eggs and think “impeachment”.

The nation is bleeding. Before we can begin to stanch the wounds, we first have to stop the maniacs with the knives.


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