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Monday, April 30, 2007

CCRV Gets Assembly Republican Support

Today's issue of The Capital Times reports that State Rep. Terry Musser (R - Black River Falls) has signed on as an Assembly sponsor of the Compassionate Care for Rape Victims bill. This marks a departure from the previous Republican opposition to the bill. Musser said he changed his mind due to persuasive testimony before the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, particularly that from survivors of sexual assault.

No doubt assisting in his change of heart was the altered position of the Wisconsin Catholic Conference, representing the state's Roman Catholic bishops. It had opposed prior versions of the legislation but is now remaining neutral, saying that its primary concern had been addressed by this biennium's version of the bill, which would allow for pregnancy testing prior to administering emergency contraception.

Wisconsin Right to Life is also remaining neutral, but Pro-Life Wisconsin continues its opposition.

Musser and Rep. Mark Pocan (D - Madison) both stated that this is a non-partisan issue.


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