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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Timing the Recall Election

You've gotta figure that the Wisconsin GOP is popping champagne corks tonight as they see the calendar proposed by the Government Accountability Board for the recall elections. June 12. All the college students will have scattered to the 4 winds for summer jobs, vacations, study abroad, etc. Those who took the time to register in their college towns for the May 15 primary won't have lived the requisite 28 days in their new location by June 12, and how many of them will have a clue about either (1) re-registering at their summer municipality on May 16 or (2) applying for an absentee ballot from their college municipality prior to June 5?

Meanwhile, the other big group of victims of the GOP voter-suppression law, the elderly, will be involved in family vacations and summer travel. The Fitzwalkerstanis don't have to prevent all of them from voting to make a difference, just hold down the turnout in that demographic by 10-20%.

Yup, looks like the Republicans managed to stall the whole proceeding just long enuf. Gov. Walker got those extra 20 days to challenge petitions and didn't even try to use them. All he really wanted was the time. Absent that 20-day delay, the recall would've happened on May 22, and the State Street victory party would've still been going full tilt on Memorial Day.

There should be little doubt left in anyone's mind which side is committed — nay, habituated — to gaming the system to subvert the democratic process.

Well, we knew all along that they were going to outspend us. But they were never going to outnumber us, so now it comes down to education and organization. And we've got the teachers and the librarians. Yay, good guys!

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