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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Election 2008 Websites

At the Oct. 22 meeting of the Madison Macintosh Users Group, we'll immerse ourselves in the hot topic of the season. No, not Halloween: politics!

Most attention is focussed on the quadrennial race for the White House, and we'll certainly spend a fair amount of time on that. But there are lots of other races on the ballot as well. Wisconsin has no US Senate seats up for grabs this year, but, as always in an even-numbered year, all 8 seats in the US House of Representatives are open. Furthermore, we'll be electing all 99 State Assembly representatives and half of the 33 Wisconsin state senators.

To help you get ready for the election on Tue. Nov. 4, we'll tour of a flock of websites that are devoted to various aspects of the election. I'm your tour guide, Richard S. Russell, CPJ (certified political junkie), and below you'll see the sights and attractions that I've highlighted for your amazement and amusement.

Get a jump on the presentation by browsing thru these goodies in advance. Clearly, clearly there are way more websites out there than I've listed here. If you've got some faves you'd like me to cover (tho hardly any of these will get more than a minute or 2), by all means let me know (at what they are.


Candidate Matching


Party Platforms

Civic Information

Horse Race

Fact Checking

Legislative Record

Interest Groups
(There are a ton of these out there. I'm using my faves as a representative sample.)


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